We ask all our Users whether they want to opt-in into our icebreaker messages and icebreaker actions service, which means that we send icebreaker messages, view profiles, send friend requests, send gifts, comment on content and mark content as hot (icebreaker actions) under the name and on behalf of these opted-in Users. The icebreaker messages and icebreaker actions aim to introduce Users to each other, to facilitate and support a conversation, to make Users interact on each other's content, introduce new Users to our most active community members and to generally promote and increase the use of the Service. Icebreaker messages are marked by the sign . These messages and actions may be computer generated or customized by us. We do not send icebreaker messages or carry out icebreaker actions on behalf of Users who terminated their membership, cancelled their account, or who have not been logged-in into their account for the last four full calendar months. You are able to opt-out from the icebreaker service, by contacting us. By opting out from the icebreaker service, you will stop receiving icebreaker messages and actions (view profiles, send friend requests, send gifts, comment on content and mark content as “hot”) and no more icebreaker messages and actions will be sent from your profile to connect you with users that fit your preferences.

Icebreaker messages or icebreaker actions are sent to Registered Users who match one or more of your preferences. If a Registered User matches the preferences of a large number of other Users, he or she will only receive a limited number of icebreaker messages or actions. Please understand that despite you becoming a paying Member, the User who sent you an icebreaker message or icebreaker action might not respond to you for various reasons, including without limitation, the User is not interested in responding, may not be actively monitoring his or her account or may no longer be available.

You have no right that we send icebreaker messages or perform icebreaker actions on your behalf towards a specific User or to request that icebreaker activities on your behalf are carried out in preference over icebreaker activities for other Users. If we do not have enough matching profiles, we have the right not to send icebreaker messages or not to carry out icebreaker actions at all on your behalf.

You understand and agree that there is no guarantee that you will find a date, a companion or an activity partner, or that you will meet any of our Users in person. merely provides an adult entertainment experience to its Users.